Monday, February 1, 2016

[MMDL] Important Update for Teams Using DartConnect

Below are important instructions for both EXPERIENCED and FIRST-TIME users of DartConnect.   Please review the following in advance of your first match.

As previously announced, because of the league's large size, not all rosters inside the app may be updated in time for this week's matches.  Divisions and Teams should be in place, but player lists may still be out of date.  Please follow the guidelines below.  An announcement will be made later once complete rosters are available for all teams, targeted for week 2.

ALL Users:  Make sure you have reviewed all info on the MMDL DartConnect Help Page
Before your match - Do a Roster Check - make sure you are connected to Wifi, Open Up the DartConnect app and do the following:
  • On the Welcome screen, tap "League"
  • Make sure you see the Season Pass Button for Minute Man Dart League.  If you do not see this button press the "refresh" button and check again. If still missing, then the league did not receive the correct email for you, please send the email you use for your DartConnect account ASAP to in order to be connected to MMDL Season Pass.
  • Tap the MMDL button to enter League Mode and then tap the Green "Match Setup" button to check your division and team roster.
  • Check to make sure the teams listed match the paper schedule you were given (updated schedules can be downloaded from the league website)
  • Now go to either the "Experienced" or "First Time User" section below

Before your first match, make sure you are connected to Wifi, Open Up the DartConnect app and do the following:
  • Tap your Team Name and check to make sure all of your players are listed correctly.
  • If you need to add a player follow the instructions on the Help Page for "Adding/Editing Teams & Players"
  • If your opponent's roster is missing a player, you can add that player OR select NO players for that side which will just list their Team Name for the match.  If no Team Name is selected, that side will be listed as "Home/Away"
  • If a player name says "i" next to it, they do not have an email address for match recaps.  Tap the "i" to add their email address (optional)
  • If your opponent's Team is missing completely, you can use the above instructions to Add their Team to the list (you can skip adding players and just add the Team Name to save time)

FIRST TIME USERS! If you are at all unsure about using DartConnect for the first time, delay using it until you have been able to practice more with it outside of league.
If this is your first time using DartConnect for a league match, we recommend you play without picking player names so that you can first get comfortable with the scorekeeping.  You will still need to pick your team names which will appear at the top of the scoreboard.  Follow these basic instructions:
  • When starting a match by tapping "Match Setup", Select the Home team's name on the left and the Away team's name on the right.
  • Player names will appear, but do not select them.
  • To start each set, tap the Green "Start Game" button. Tap "Ok" on the box that appears reminding you that you have not selected players.
  • When a set is over, tap "Next Player Lineup" and then "Start Game" to start the next set (remember, do not pick any player names)
  • If the team you are playing is not listed in the Team List, do not select a team for that side, leave that side blank and it will say "Home/Away" instead (or if you want, follow the instructions on the Help Page on "Adding/Editing Teams & Players" and add the team name - you can skip adding players)
If you have any specific questions, please send an email to

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