Sunday, August 31, 2014

[MMDL] This week it begins...For Whom the Board Tolls...
The Fall 2014 season of the World's Largest Dart League's 40th Anniversary Year officially begins this week.  Every team starts with a clean slate and a chance to improve over last season.  Last Season the Boston Area surged to take 50% of the league's state titles with the other three areas taking one apiece.  Which way will the balance of power shift this season?

Good luck to all teams.  Represent your sponsors well, respect your opponent and help spread the goodwill of the great game of darts. Make sure all players have read and are familiar with the league rules. Please advise any new players to Like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter, and/or subscribe to this email list by visiting our website to stay informed about league activities and important updates.

This season's captain's kits include nine (9) sets of MMDL 40th Anniversary Flights for each player on your team, a pen, pocket out charts and a special discount coupon for!

Match schedules can be downloaded from the respective links below:

NOTE: Captains please re-check your divisions, there have been many changes to schedules since the last captain's meeting, many spots that were previously BYEs may have been filled. SS and Boston schedules have been updated and new versions posted today.
  • Boston
  • North Shore
  • Central
  • South Shore
Please note these schedules are subject to minor changes for the first couple weeks after original posting, so please check your division against the version currently posted online to make sure you have the most recent scheduling info. 

Please direct any questions about scheduling to your respective Area Director listed on your captain's kit envelope.

E-Mailing Match Reports will be MANDATORY starting next season, Spring 2015.
See the handout in your captain's kit or read the details on our website - click here.

NEW!  Fall 2014 Dart World ALL STAR Drawings

Every 2 weeks of the regular season we will hold a drawing of all A-E Division players who scored notables in any category during those weeks to win a $50 gift certificate to spend at the online store! For Super A Division players, we will draw a winner from those who scored notables in the first half of the season and the second half to win a $50 gift certificate! Check this page our website and weekly emails for winner announcements.
Here are some other helpful reminders for team captains to ensure you start the season off right:
  • League Rules - to avoid disputes during matches, make sure that all the players on your team are knowledgeable of the current rules.  The most up to date version of MMDL rules is posted on our website, which supersedes all printed versions.
  • Schedules - Make copies of the schedule provided in your captain's kit and distribute to each team member.
  • Stat Site - Weekly standings and player statistics are available on the MMDL stat site.  See the instructions on the main page of the stat site for setting up an account and accessing your stats.  Please note that the current season is not yet loaded into the site, but should be available prior to, or just after, the new season begins.
  • Captain's Kit Materials - Make sure you review and are familiar with all the contents of the captain's kit you should have picked up at your recent captain's meeting.  Additional copies of documents such as blank match reports, match report instructions, order of play and scorekeeping, match start time guidelines and scorekeeper's ten commandments can be downloaded from the league website - click here.

Good luck and shoot well!  Stay connected with the MMDL: Facebook | Twitter

Upcoming Local Events -- 2014

Join the "Darts in New England" Facebook Group to stay on top of all local tournaments and competitions.

Get your own personalized team apparel at!
Women's Spirit Sweatpants  Women's MMDL Spirit Sweatpants - $35.00
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Next Board Meeting: 09/29/14 6:30pm
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Donahue's Bar & Grill
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* MMDL BoD meetings are open to the public. If you wish to attend an MMDL Board Meeting, please contact your Area Director to make sure there are no last minute changes to the meeting time and location, and make note if you want to address the board with an issue to add to the meeting agenda.

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