Saturday, September 29, 2012

[MMDL] Week 4 Standings & Special Message from the BOD

ATTN: All MMDL players and team captains - There have been a few reports of incidents at recent dart matches involving players displaying poor sportsmanship, violent behavior and general disrespect of the game, our league sponsors and fellow teams and players. MMDL matches are intended to be a fun and safe evening of competition for all involved.

The MMDL Board of Directors wishes to remind all team captains and players that we have a zero tolerance policy for any types of violence or unlawful acts and will deal accordingly with any properly reported infractions. The official rules regarding player personal conduct are listed below for clarification. 


  1. Heckling or other harassment is strictly forbidden. It is the home team's responsibility to maintain the best of order during League play.
  2. The repeated use of foul or insulting language shall be considered just cause for the penalizing of the offender and his/her team by the Area Director and/or the MMDL Board of Directors.
  4. Talking by members of the opposing team, within earshot of the shooter, about the current game or match, or any other subject, for the express purpose of distracting the shooter is not only impolite but poor sportsmanship and could result in a penalty to the offending team
  5. Any acts of violence will not be tolerated for any reason! If a player is found guilty of an unlawful act at a match they will be BANNED from future play in MMDL.

Click here to review the complete MMDL ruleset. Contact your area director if you have any questions.


Results for Week 4 of the Fall 2012 season are available on the MMDL Statistics Website.  Follow the link below to review the scores and notables for your area.

Week 4 Standings:
Boston: Standings / Notables
Central: Standings / Notables
North Shore: Standings / Notables
South Shore: Standings / Notables


Witch City Open - Single King Size Bed Rooms still available. The Nashua Courtyard Marriott is sold out of double-bed rooms, but does still have a limited # of single king bed rooms available if you call and book quickly.  We don't know how long these rooms will last. For room reservations, please call 603-880-9100.  You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to the event with absolutely no fee or penalty, so there's little risk, even if you're not 100% sure you're going to be able to attend -- you can still make sure you have a room.  Remember to tell them you are coming for the "Minute Man Dart League Witch City Open".  The WCO is less than three weeks away!

To celebrate our new partnership with Dart World, we have arranged a new drawing just for MMDL members with an unprecedented super prize package of a brand new set of TARGET CARRERA DARTS and an Official MMDL Dartboard!  Many thanks to league sponsor, Dart World, for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!  For the full scoop on how to enter and win this prize package worth over $180 - CLICK HERE  Deadline for entries is October 16.

Upcoming Local Events ---  Good luck to all our friends at this weekend's Cape Cod Open!

Good luck and shoot well!  Stay connected with the MMDL: Facebook | Twitter

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* If you wish to attend an MMDL Board Meeting, please contact your area director and make note if you want to address the board with an issue to insert into the meeting agenda.

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