Saturday, February 11, 2012

[MMDL] Week 1 Standings

Results for Week 1 of the Spring 2012 season are available on the MMDL Statistics Website.  Follow the link below to review the scores and notables for your area.

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Please mail your match reports immediately following the match. This will greatly help faster processing of weekly scores.

FILLING OUT MATCH REPORTS - Captains are urged to remember the following:

  • DO NOT use old return envelopes from previous seasons - USE ONLY the envelopes provided to you in this season's captain's kit. The league has changed Post Office Boxes recently and old envelopes will not be delivered which will result in penalty points for your team.
  • Mail the TOP WHITE COPY in the envelope provided.  Pink and yellow copies are for both captain's records. You are advised to store these sheets until the season is over in case of disputes or to examine for point deductions.
  • Write legibly (!!!) - if the name of the player, team, points and other information can not be easily read, this increases the chance for errors and delays the publishing of the standings
  • Use First and Last names - so proper credit can be given to the correct player for wins, losses and notables.
  • Start and End Times should be recorded in the space provided
  • Assign one of your players to review the report for accuracy at the end of the match to prevent point deductions.
  • DO NOT tear, doodle on or otherwise deface the report - have respect for the person who must process hundreds of them in a short time window
  • For additional tips and guidance on this subject, click here.
  • Tired of Mailing Match Reports?  Want to send them via email?  If you are interested in participating in this recently established program, please contact Becky Wainwright at  For more information - click here.
Complying with the above is extremely important for our ability to process several hundred weekly match reports in a timely and accurate manner.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Week 1 Standings:
Boston: Standings / Notables
Central: Standings / Notables
North Shore: Standings / Notables
South Shore: Standings / Notables

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