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[MMDL] Spring 2016 Season - Exercise your right to throw darts...

Put your team in for the Spring 2016 season of the 
World's Largest Dart League!

The MMDL and League Sponsors Dart World & RedEye Rhino invite all teams and sponsors to sign up for the Spring 2016 Season. Team rosters and sponsor's checks must be turned in at your area's first captain's meeting held at the turn of the year 
(see meeting dates and times below), so start planning your roster now!

$$$ Once again, the league will be adding $100 to the payouts of the Luck of the Draw tournaments held after the second captains meeting in the NS, Central, Boston and SS areas.  Anyone can play in the LOD, so bring your friends and team mates for some practice and a chance at the prize money.

Don't forget about these resources on our website for sponsors and teams:
  • "How to join the MMDL" - An FAQ/Guide for new sponsors, teams and players. Includes step by step instructions on how to become a sponsor, how to submit a team, how to find a new team or new players for your current team.  Even experienced MMDL members may learn something.  To see the guide, click here.
  • Online Draft - This is an online matchmaking system for players seeking teams and vice versa. To visit the draft page,click here or reach out to people through our Facebook page.
  • Need a new Pub/Sponsor?  If you are looking for a new pub/sponsor, check out the listings on our league forums or check our Facebook Page.

Super A Format Update - Due to recent survey results and member petitions, the Spring 2016 season will be a trial period for Doubles 501 in Super A to be Best of 3, SIDO. Decision to continue will be made prior to Fall season.

New DartConnect Trial Program - Submit e-mail by 1/15/16 to mmdl.bod@gmail.com to participate.  Click here for more information.

The Spring 2016 Season will begin the first week of February!  
Rosters must be turned in at your area's first captain's meeting -- see the meeting schedule below.

FALL 2016

- Captain's Meeting Schedule -
Click meeting location name for maps and driving directions


First Captain's Meeting:
Please be on time for important league announcements before dropping off rosters and checks.

Second Captain's Meeting:
For picking up Capt's Kits, including schedules, match reports, envelopes, etc., and for receiving last minute Area Director's announcements and instructions. Bring friends and team mates for the Luck of the Draw tournament.


Area Director:
Anna Moretti
annam@mmdl.org or 978-882-5207

First Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/06/16
MALDEN MOOSE - 781-324-9443
562 Broadway
Malden, MA 02148
Mtg Start Time: 7:30pm

Second Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/27/16
POLISH CLUB - 617-354-8708
747 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02141
Mtg Start Time: 7:30pm
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Donna Millett
donnam@mmdl.org or 978-882-2634

First Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/06/16
39 Bow Street
Beverly, MA 01915
Mtg Start Time: 7:30pm

Second Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/27/16
Same Time and Place
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Becky Wainwright
becky@mmdl.org or 978-882-3119

First Meeting
THURSDAY 01/07/16
MARLBORO EAGLES - 508-485-9738
56 Florence St
Marlboro, MA 01752
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm

Second Meeting
THURSDAY 01/28/16
FRAMINGHAM EAGLES - 508-875-9071
55 Park Street
Framingham, MA 01702
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout


Area Director:
Chris Ryan
chrisr@mmdl.org or 978-882-3117

First Meeting
MONDAY 12/28/15

POLISH CLUB - 781-878-9822
55 Wales Street
Abington, MA 02351
Mtg Start Time: 7:00pm

Second Meeting
WEDNESDAY 01/27/16
Same Time and Place
Luck of the Draw to follow 2nd meeting.

$$$ MMDL is adding
$100 to the LOD payout

Please note: Teams without sponsor checks at the first captain's meeting will be charged a $25 late fee. Returned checks subject to add'l $25 bounce fee.

If you are poised to earn shirts for winning your division or area championships and want to make sure you receive the correct shirt sizes, you may now send an email to awards@mmdl.org with your team name, area, division and list of ALL shirt sizes needed for your team.  HURRY! You must submit your information by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11 to make sure your correct sizes get into this season's shirt order.

Forms and Documents:
The following forms are attached to this email or can be downloaded from the MMDL website.  These items will also arrive via postal mail to all captains and sponsors in the weeks ahead.
  • Season Announcement - Details, dates, times and locations of the captain's meetings for each area and other important information for captains.
  • Team Roster Application e-Form - You can print this out and fill in by hand or it can be typed in on your computer with Adobe Acrobat. We encourage you to please do this and bring a printout to your captain's meeting if possible to avoid unreadable handwriting.  To fill this out on your computer, click on the fields with your mouse to type in your information, and you can switch to the next field by pressing the "tab" key. Any check boxes can be clicked on with your mouse.
  • Sponsor Poster - A poster you can print out and hang up near your dartboard to recruit new teams or players.


PLEASE FILL ROSTER FORM OUT COMPLETELY. Incomplete rosters will not be accepted. Please take the time to gather all information before handing in your roster and check.

Download Application Form:

(Sponsor Fee is $150) Please make checks payable to: 
(Note: There is a $25 late fee for teams who do not bring checks to the first captain's meeting plus a  $25 penalty for checks returned for insufficient funds)

Team rosters must be turned in at your area's first captain's meeting.

No players under 21 years of age can be accepted for membership in the MMDL.

BE SURE your team can make the full season commitment. NO SHOW teams will be suspended for 2 full seasons!

Must be picked up at the second captain's meeting or a 2 point penalty on the first match will be imposed. There is also a $15 charge for replacing lost captain's kits.

If you have any specific concerns or requests regarding your division 
assignment for skill level, travel time or other issue please attach a note to your team roster and/or send an email to the area director.

Watch LIVE SCOREBOARDS from MMDL matches every week on the MMDL DCTV CHANNEL!


Good luck and shoot well!  Stay connected with the MMDL: Facebook | Twitter

Upcoming Local Events -- 2016

Join the "Darts in New England" Facebook Group to stay on top of all local tournaments and competitions.

2/26-28 - Port City Open - Portland, ME
3/11-13 - Montachusett Open - Leominster, MA
5/21 - MMDL 501 Player's Championship - Newton, MA
4/1-3 - White Mountain Shootout - Shelburne, NH
6/15-17 - Stars & Stripes Open - Andover, MA


--<( MMDL Board of Directors

Minute Man Dart League, Inc. - www.MMDL.org
World's Largest Steel Tip Dart League

Next Board Meeting: 01/18/16 6:30pm
Meeting location - 
Donahue's Bar & Grill
87 Bigelow Ave
Watertown, MA 02472

* MMDL BoD meetings are open to the public. If you wish to attend an MMDL Board Meeting, please contact your Area Director to make sure there are no last minute changes to the meeting time and location, and make note if you want to address the board with an issue to add to the meeting agenda.

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