Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[MMDL] Spring 2011 Season Announcement

The Spring 2011 Season of the MMDL will start the first week of February!  Team rosters must be turned in at your area captain's meeting the first week of January, so start planning now!

NEW! Check out these two new resources on our website for sponsors and teams:
  • "How to join the MMDL" - An FAQ/Guide for new sponsors, teams and players. This is a must read for anyone interested in playing darts in the MMDL with step by step instructions on how to become a sponsor, how to submit a team, how to find a new team or new players for your current team.  Even experienced MMDL members may learn something.  To see the guide, click here.
  • Sponsor Poster - A poster you can print out and hang up near your dartboard to recruit new teams or players - click here.
Attached are the contents of a postal mailing that will go out next week to all MMDL captains and sponsors.  Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested in participating in the MMDL.  This information is also available on the MMDL website.

Spring 2011 Forms and Documents:
The following forms are attached to this email or can be downloaded from the MMDL website.
  • Fall Season Announcement - Details, dates, times and locations of the captain's meetings for each area.
  • Team Roster Application e-Form - You can print this out and fill in by hand or it can be typed in on your computer with Adobe Acrobat. We encourage you to please do this and bring a printout to your captain's meeting if possible to avoid unreadable handwriting.  To fill this out on your computer, click on the fields with your mouse to type in your information, and you can switch to the next field by pressing the "tab" key. Any check boxes can be clicked on with your mouse.
  • League News - This sheet lists important announcements about league format changes and other information.

Captain's Meeting Schedule
Click meeting location name for maps and driving directions



Area Director:
Kim Burdulis
kimmyb@mmdl.org or 978-882-3121

First Meeting - 01/05/11
MERRITT CLUB - 617-884-9668
101 Webster Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150
Time: 7:30pm

Second Meeting - 01/26/11
FRENCH CLUB - 617-884-9721
242 Spencer, Chelsea, MA 02150
Time: 7:30pm
Luck of the Draw to follow.


Area Director:
Mark Millett
markm@mmdl.org or 978-882-2634

First Meeting - 01/03/11
ELKS CLUB - 978-922-9608
39 Bow Street
Beverly, MA 01915
Time: 7:30pm

Second Meeting - 01/24/11
Same Time and Place
Luck of the Draw to follow.


Area Director:
Becky Wainwright
becky@mmdl.org or 978-882-3119

First Meeting - 01/06/11
MARLBORO EAGLES - 508-485-9738
56 Florence St
Marlboro, MA 01752
Time: 7:30pm

Second Meeting - 01/27/11
FRAMINGHAM EAGLES - 508-875-9071
55 Park Street
Framingham, MA 01702
Time: 7:00pm
Luck of the Draw to follow, restaurant kitchen open.


Area Director:
Chris Ryan
chrisr@mmdl.org or 978-882-3117

First Meeting - 01/03/11
POLISH CLUB - 781-878-9822
55 Wales Street
Abington, MA 02351
Time: 7:00pm

Second Meeting - 01/24/11
Same Time and Place

Format Change - No more 601:

Beginning in the Spring 2011 season, MMDL will be replacing the two 601 games with three doubles 501, DIDO in ALL DIVISIONS. A significant percentage of the league membership has expressed strong feelings in support of this change. The Board of Directors asks for everyone's patience during the Spring season as we all get used to the new format.  Also, this change will require all teams to become familiar with a new "Order of Play".  See the attached "League News" document for an outline of the new order of play.

Click here to discuss this issue with other league members.

MMDL League Sponsor:
WINMAU - The Force Behind Darts (TM) -

Good luck to all teams signing up for the Spring!  Contact your area director if you have any questions not answered in this email, the attached documents or in our new guide, "How to join the MMDL".

Shoot well!

--<( MMDL Board of Directors
Minute Man Dart League, Inc. - www.MMDL.org
World's Largest Steel Tip Dart League

Next Board Meeting: 11/29/10 6:30pm

249 Lexington Ave
Waltham, MA 02453

* If you wish to attend an MMDL Board Meeting, please contact your area director and make note if you want to address the board with an issue to insert into the meeting agenda.

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